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How It All Began

In 2012, when I was planning my own wedding, I spent ages searching (and googling) for the perfect wedding guestbook. I wanted something that was beautiful, a little bit different, personal and fun for guests to answer. In my internet travels, I did find a few that fit that criteria – but, for the most part – they were pretty ‘cheesy’ in their layout and design. After a few more dead-ends, I decided to create our own wedding guestbook – a completely bespoke “book of love” – that we could treasure forever as a reminder of our incredible wedding day!

It was so much fun sifting through all our old photos and memories to create this beautiful keepsake book. Not only do we now have a coffee table book with all our favourite photos printed, but it is filled with all the love and warm wishes of all our closest friends and family. It is truly something that I will treasure forever and I cannot wait to share it with our future children.

About Me

I have a Bachelor of Journalism degree, with a specialisation in graphic and communication design. My skills in design layout and my attention to detail has provided me with the perfect tools for creating custom books such as this one.

We were married in April 2013 and our professional wedding photographer accidentally lost all our wedding photos – it was absolutely devastating, but in trying to make lemonade out of lemons we have since turned this into a great “wedding dress adventure” around the world. But having had this happen to us, I fully appreciate how special it is to have something meaningful to take away with you from your big day!