indieLoveBook: Meghann & Russell

 photo meghannruss_zps765f196a.jpgMeghann’s sister, Jenna – contacted me and asked me if I could be able to make a bespoke guestbook as a special gift for her sister who was getting married in South Africa. Jenna is based in the USA and was unable to attend her sister’s wedding- so it was a beautiful and special gift in her absence. Most of the couple’s photographs were taken from their many years together – including plenty of young and crazy snaps mixed in with a whole stash of amazing travel adventures!

 photo IMG_5124_zps5affa1d7.jpg

Jenna also wanted to include an introductory message page in her sister’s guestbook – where we wrote out the couple’s vows for them to remember and honour forever. It was such a special gift from sister-to-sister and I’m so happy to have been part of it!

indieLoveBook: Nikki & Travis

 photo nikkitrav2_zpsf68296b7.jpg

Nikki and Travis are celebrating their wedding in March 2014, in South Africa. They ordered a small indieLoveBook for their 70 odd guests to fill in. The photographs inside their book were from a gorgeous engagement shoot they did in the States ¬†- with the most gorgeous crisp, golden light. They also filled the book with some fun shoot that one of their friend’s snapped for them on the London SouthBank.
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