indieLoveBooks | Ashleigh & Gavin

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A funny thing happened when an email from Ashleigh popped up into my inbox.

Ashleigh was looking for a bespoke wedding guestbook for their wedding on August 15th in South Africa. I told her and her fiancé Gavin how excited I was to be making a guestbook for them and we began the process of selecting questions and creating their personalised book. Being based in London, I told Ashleigh that I might be able to bring the guestbook out to South Africa and courier it from there to her, since I was coming out for a friend’s wedding the week before hers. This would obviously save on shipping costs and be a bit more reliable.

Great! We agreed – I would bring out the guestbook and post it from within South Africa.

Out of curiousity, Ashleigh asked whose wedding I was coming out for… and yep! Guess what? We were both attending the very same wedding!

And so, I was able to hand deliver this gorgeous guestbook to this gorgeous couple on the Saturday morning before our mutual friend’s wedding! How is that for a wonderful coincidence?!

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Ashleigh and Gavin had the most AMAZING engagement shoot – I LOVE the urban Johannesburg feel that they have and the giant elephant mural is just incredible!

 photo gav ash2_zpsckwtigq4.jpg  photo gav ash1_zpsjpdpumtx.jpg  photo gav ash5_zpsplac9v0u.jpg

 photo gav ash11_zpsm6ckrqfy.jpg  photo gav ash4_zpsnx1uorzt.jpg

There is just such a sense of honesty and love in all these pictures!

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Gavin and Ashleigh wanted to include a little message to their guests at the front of their guestbook – so we included it with a little space for them to sign their names.

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As always, each guestbook is always packaged with loads of love and care – I want each of my brides to really feel like they are opening a carefully curated package made just for them.

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It was SUCH a pleasure to create this guestbook for you Ashleigh and Gavin and even more lovely that I was able to meet the two of you the week before your wedding! (Happy birthday to Gav!)

I wish you both a marriage filled with a lifetime of love and laughter – and a guestbook that you will treasure forever!

A note from the Bride -

Thank you so much for doing the book for me! I’m So excited as it’s SO unique and so special!

indieLoveBook: Tania & Jeremy

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Tania and Jeremy are getting married in Oahu Island, Hawaii at a wedding of 17 guests! Since this will be such an intimate wedding, it was such a fun guestbook to create since it allowed for us to be more bespoke and create pages that were specific to their guests. One of the ideas that Tania wanted to include were spreads with photos from her and Jeremy’s childhood, with questions that their mother’s would be able to answer such as, “What did Tania want to be when she grew up?”

 photo TaniaJeremy2_zps3be2279d.jpg

Tania also wanted to include some photo spread pages with photos of their family, friends, special moments and travels that her and her fiancé have experienced, over their years together. Tania and Jeremy are also renown for their “creative Christmas cards” and we included some  photos of their previous Christmas cards and custom questions, where their guests could predict or request ideas for what they would like to see from their first Christmas card as a married couple!

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