indieLoveBook: Tania & Jeremy

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Tania and Jeremy are getting married in Oahu Island, Hawaii at a wedding of 17 guests! Since this will be such an intimate wedding, it was such a fun guestbook to create since it allowed for us to be more bespoke and create pages that were specific to their guests. One of the ideas that Tania wanted to include were spreads with photos from her and Jeremy’s childhood, with questions that their mother’s would be able to answer such as, “What did Tania want to be when she grew up?”

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Tania also wanted to include some photo spread pages with photos of their family, friends, special moments and travels that her and her fiancé have experienced, over their years together. Tania and Jeremy are also renown for their “creative Christmas cards” and we included some  photos of their previous Christmas cards and custom questions, where their guests could predict or request ideas for what they would like to see from their first Christmas card as a married couple!

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indieLoveBook: Nikki & Travis

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Nikki and Travis are celebrating their wedding in March 2014, in South Africa. They ordered a small indieLoveBook for their 70 odd guests to fill in. The photographs inside their book were from a gorgeous engagement shoot they did in the States  - with the most gorgeous crisp, golden light. They also filled the book with some fun shoot that one of their friend’s snapped for them on the London SouthBank.
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