indieLoveBooks | Ashleigh & Gavin

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A funny thing happened when an email from Ashleigh popped up into my inbox.

Ashleigh was looking for a bespoke wedding guestbook for their wedding on August 15th in South Africa. I told her and her fiancé Gavin how excited I was to be making a guestbook for them and we began the process of selecting questions and creating their personalised book. Being based in London, I told Ashleigh that I might be able to bring the guestbook out to South Africa and courier it from there to her, since I was coming out for a friend’s wedding the week before hers. This would obviously save on shipping costs and be a bit more reliable.

Great! We agreed – I would bring out the guestbook and post it from within South Africa.

Out of curiousity, Ashleigh asked whose wedding I was coming out for… and yep! Guess what? We were both attending the very same wedding!

And so, I was able to hand deliver this gorgeous guestbook to this gorgeous couple on the Saturday morning before our mutual friend’s wedding! How is that for a wonderful coincidence?!

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Ashleigh and Gavin had the most AMAZING engagement shoot – I LOVE the urban Johannesburg feel that they have and the giant elephant mural is just incredible!

 photo gav ash2_zpsckwtigq4.jpg  photo gav ash1_zpsjpdpumtx.jpg  photo gav ash5_zpsplac9v0u.jpg

 photo gav ash11_zpsm6ckrqfy.jpg  photo gav ash4_zpsnx1uorzt.jpg

There is just such a sense of honesty and love in all these pictures!

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Gavin and Ashleigh wanted to include a little message to their guests at the front of their guestbook – so we included it with a little space for them to sign their names.

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As always, each guestbook is always packaged with loads of love and care – I want each of my brides to really feel like they are opening a carefully curated package made just for them.

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It was SUCH a pleasure to create this guestbook for you Ashleigh and Gavin and even more lovely that I was able to meet the two of you the week before your wedding! (Happy birthday to Gav!)

I wish you both a marriage filled with a lifetime of love and laughter – and a guestbook that you will treasure forever!

A note from the Bride -

Thank you so much for doing the book for me! I’m So excited as it’s SO unique and so special!

indieLoveBooks | Rachel & Kah Yang

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Rachel and Kah Yang contacted me about creating a bespoke guestbook for their (TWO!!) weddings! The first wedding, in France – would be an intimate affair with close friends and family at the most gorgeous castle! The second wedding, taking place in Malaysia, towards the end of the year is for about 400 people!

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Because of the two different weddings, they wanted a guestbook that they could personalise and use for both separate weddings but keep everything still contained in one book. I think the lovely thing about having a custom guestbook designed for you is that you can really make it work for you and your needs and what you want for your big day and I love seeing the creative ways that couples like to personalise their books!

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I met with Rachel and Kah Yang and after hearing about their two weddings, and listening to what they wanted – we decided to create a guestbook with two ‘loose’ sections to the book. The first section would include a page-per-person for their 20-odd guests at their French wedding. Given that the French wedding was very intimate, this would totally be doable – since the guestbook would definitely have enough time to be passed around and each person could fill in a page.

We also structured the beginning pages of the book, with specific photographs that the couple wanted – mainly to include special family memories and family photographs.

The second section of the book, which would cater for the 400-strong Malaysian Wedding, would feature a lot more open space for guests to write in, as well as the odd structured question which guests could fill in if they wanted, as well as lots of travel photos and pics of Rachel and Kah Yang and their time together over the years.

One of the things I love about creating these guestbooks for people are the quirky things that want to add to make it their own. Rachel and Kah Yang decided to include the extra question, “What kind of pet should we get, and why?” (decided to pair it with some piglets and bears and donkeys… to perhaps give their guests some inspiration! haha!)

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 photo Rachel Kah Yang Guestbook 17 of 20_zpssibmo2px.jpg  photo Rachel Kah Yang Guestbook 13 of 20_zpstyt96cai.jpg  photo Rachel Kah Yang Guestbook 12 of 20_zpsl08ociom.jpg  photo Rachel Kah Yang Guestbook 16 of 20_zpscjtf3wqy.jpg

I must say, that when Rachel sent me their photos to be used in the book, I emailed her right back with a “ARE YOU SERIOUS?! THESE ARE AMAZING!!!!” (okay, not those words exactly – but along those lines). They had the most incredible photoshoot in Paris -

 photo Rachel Kah Yang Guestbook 9 of 20_zpsgrrguidw.jpg

That is them dancing outside the Louvre. I mean.
Have you ever?
How amazing to have those pics their wedding guestbook for all their guests to see!!

 photo Rachel Kah Yang Guestbook 14 of 20_zps4ryrmwhh.jpg

 photo Rachel Kah Yang Guestbook 15 of 20_zpsyz2va7zw.jpg

Rachel and Kah Yang also wanted a very classic looking cover – so we opted for a plain cream with their names on the front, in a font to match their wedding stationery -

 photo Rachel Kah Yang Guestbook 4 of 20_zpsfa6wbh5c.jpg   photo Rachel Kah Yang Guestbook 18 of 20_zpspnkhvij3.jpg

It was such a pleasure to create this giant guestbook I loved all the little creative elements that Rachel and Kah Yang added to make it their own! (Including their own two doodle pages at the back for wedding memories!) I wish you both an amazing Malaysian wedding at the end of the year – I cannot wait to see photographs!

 photo Rachel Kah Yang Guestbook 20 of 20_zpszfbyrop5.jpg  photo Rachel Kah Yang Guestbook 11 of 20_zpsjefgenxg.jpg

If you’re interested in a bespoke wedding guestbook or know someone who would be – you can send them over to to take a look or email me on indielovebooks(at) if you have any questions!


ps. Im a bit all over the place today – have so many small projects and client work to wrap up and I’m leaving for South Africa tomorrow for my friend’s wedding (and will also be taking another guest book back with me – to deliver to someone else! It’s all systems go here!) Happy POWER MONDAY all! x

indieLoveBooks | Ross & Claire

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I’ve recently worked on a destination wedding guestbook for Ross and Claire – who were married on 12 September in Italy! The couple wanted to reflect their GORGEOUS wedding destination, by including a pic of the view on the front cover of their personalised guestbook (above!)

 photo IMG_0182_zpsbnojjuoa.jpg
 photo IMG_0191_zpslunadbuo.jpg

We included photographs from throughout their relationship – from the night they first met, to some of the trips they’ve taken together over the years. We also included some photos from their engagement – and I think it’s so special for couples to keep these memories all together in a special place, to be added to, on their wedding day by their wedding guests!

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What’s so exciting for me about creating these personalised wedding guestbooks is that the couples can completely pick and choose what they would like to include within the pages – some couples, like Ross and Claire – choose to include little spots of “free space” for their guests to ‘go wild!’

 photo IMG_0193_zpspgkirqs5.jpg

I also love laying out fun photos with a “caption this image” for guests to fill in! It’s always so funny seeing how creative your guests are and reading what they come up with!

 photo IMG_0186_zps9sk9tn7n.jpg
 photo IMG_0202_zpsypnocfjd.jpg

Ross and Claire, it was such a pleasure creating this guestbook for the two of you! I have no doubt your day was absolutely magical and I wish you a lifetime of love and happiness together!

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