indieLoveBook: Mary & Jeon

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Mary & Jeon met while Mary was teaching English in South Korea. Since Jeon is from South Korea and Mary is originally from Wisconsin, USA – they decided to have two separate weddings to celebrate their marriage – one in each of their home countries! The book we created for them, was enough for over 300 guests – and it something that will connect both their weddings together.

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Since they wanted to include some Korean into their guestbook, I suggested that they had a photo-shoot, holding out a few Korean Messages that we could lay into their guestbook for their guests to read. It added a great personal touch to their book and was so lovely that they could include some Hangul into their guestbook.

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indieLoveBook: Nikki & Travis

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Nikki and Travis are celebrating their wedding in March 2014, in South Africa. They ordered a small indieLoveBook for their 70 odd guests to fill in. The photographs inside their book were from a gorgeous engagement shoot they did in the States ¬†- with the most gorgeous crisp, golden light. They also filled the book with some fun shoot that one of their friend’s snapped for them on the London SouthBank.
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